Top 5 Newborn Poses


In a previous post, I talk about three things that need to be considered when looking for and hiring a newborn photographer.  One topic that is discussed in that post, is the photographer’s style.  While all photographers have their own unique editing style; newborn photographers tend to pick one distinct shooting style: posed vs lifestyle.

Posed vs Lifestyle

Posed newborn photography tends to be a more traditional approach.  In this particular style, the baby is usually asleep, and is posed or positioned in various props such as wraps and blankets.  Posed photography generally produces those beautiful artistic photographs that most new parents are looking for when they hire a newborn photographer.

Whereas, lifestyle newborn photography tends to be more relaxed.  During these sessions, the photographer tries to capture glimpses of your new baby at home.  The main focus of this style is the connection between family members and their newest addition.

Here at Candice Swanson Photography, I focus on posed newborn photography.  As a posed newborn photographer, there are certain poses that I absolutely love and will try to utilize at every session; obviously my littlest subject needs to be cooperative in order to achieve my top poses, so there does need to be some flexibility on what can be achieved but the goal is to hit all five!  Below are my top 5 picks for the most adorable posed newborn portraits.

Top 5 Newborn Poses

  1. Bum Up also known as Tushy Up:  Bum Up poses are generally one of the most requested poses of new parents.  Bum Up shows off the adorable baby rolls or is the perfect way to display a stunningly adorable outfit.  In a Bum Up pose, the baby will be positioned on their tummy, with their knee and elbow touching as well as their chin and shoulder touching. The baby’s head and bum are elevated in order to create the much loved natural curve of these portraits. Bum Up poses are utilized when a photographer is trying to get close-up photos of the baby. 

2. Taco: Taco pose is when the baby is positioned comfortably with their legs tucked underneath them on a posing bag.  The baby’s head and hands are then placed across their legs.  In this pose, the photographer will place the baby’s head closest to the light source, usually at a 45 degree angle.  You will also see a photographer placing a prop on the posing bag, underneath a blanket, to help keep the baby’s top half level and baby’s head elevated.  

3. Wrapped in a Bowl: Wrapping a newborn baby is the easiest and quickest way to settle an unhappy baby which is why so many photographers will use wraps in their newborn photography.  A photographer will have an arsenal of wraps that they enjoy using in various sizes and colors.  Here at Candice Swanson Photography, I personally have approximately 50  wraps that can be utilized during your sessions.  Once the baby is wrapped, they are safely placed in a wooden prop bowl that has a decorative blanket underneath the baby.

4. Head on Chin:  This pose is also highly requested by new parents.  Why?  Because it’s a wonderful way to highlight a baby’s cute chubby face and big round cheeks.  For this pose, the baby will be placed in a prop or on a posing bag in a way that will cause their back ends to be lower than their top.  Once the baby is situated correctly, the hands will be placed carefully on top of each other and then the baby’s chin will rest comfortably on top of their hands.

5. Baby and Mom:  I love photographing mom and baby.  When photographing mom and baby, I will tuck baby’s legs up underneath them.  Doing this will cause the baby to look like a neat little package!  Once the baby is all tucked together; I will generally have mom hold the baby with heads together. This allows the connection between the two of them to shine through in the photos as well as being able to capture both of their faces.  In this staple pose, I can capture small moments of snuggles and kisses which are priceless.

Here at Candice Swanson Photography, I take baby safety extremely seriously.  Each year I attend training to ensure I’m up-to-date on best newborn practices and posing safety.  I will never do a pose that will put your baby’s safety in jeopardy which is why these are my top 5 go-to poses.

If you are an expecting couple and would like to connect about having me take your newborn portraits, click here to send me a message!

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