Newborn Session: What to Wear


Your newborn session has been booked for months.  Your due date is quickly approaching which means your newborn photos will be taken before you know it!  But there’s one question that keeps popping into your head; ‘what will we wear’?

For many new moms, despite the amazing things your body has done to create that magnificent little human, finding an outfit that oozes confidence and style post-baby can bring many to tears.  If this is you, know you are not alone; and I’m here to tell you, styling for your newborn session should be simple and straightforward!  

Dressing Baby for Newborn Shoot

During your newborn photo session, the majority of the time will be focused on taking those Instagram and Pinterest worthy photos that all your friends and family will be gushing over.  Most of what your newborn will be wearing will be wraps and blankets from my studio collection.  No need to bring in any other clothes for your baby unless a particular outfit or prop has significant importance to you.

With that being said, I ask that you bring your baby in a front closure onesie so it’s easy for me to undress him/her without waking from their sleep.  And a sleeping baby is so important in order for me to capture those beautiful, artistic photos everyone wants of their new bundle of joy!

What to Wear to Family Newborn Session

For most of my newborn sessions, I allow time at the end session to photograph the newborn with family members.  Depending on the size of your family, you may have to pick out a few outfits.  As you are picking out these outfits, I recommend following the below guidelines:

  1. Choose color scheme
  2. Coordinate but don’t match
  3. Keep it simple

Choose color scheme

Most parents showcase their newborn portraits around their home.  When choosing a color scheme, think of the color palette around your house and outfits that will coordinate with the rest of your home decor.  Your newborn photos will provide a beautiful artistic touch to your walls and you want to be sure the colors in the photos complement the walls they’re on.  

Still having trouble?  Most photographers will recommend choosing neutral colors such as whites, beiges, creams, light pinks, light blues, and light greys.  These muted colors are the perfect accompaniment to a baby’s new skin and won’t make their skin appear blotchy.  

Once you’ve decided what your color scheme will be for these newborn family photos, pick 2-3 outfits that fit within the chosen palette.

Coordinate but don’t match

Once the color palette is picked, choose outfits that coordinate but don’t match.  Each family member is an individual and should have an outfit that expresses their personality while coordinated colors will bring a cohesiveness to the pictures.

Keep it simple

Last but not least, keep your outfits cool and simple.  I tend to keep the studio pretty warm as your baby will spend a lot of time undressed which means, family outfits should be cool and comfortable to ensure no one is excessively sweating during their time in front of the camera. 

The focus of these family portraits will be of you and your newborn.  Therefore; I recommend avoiding excessive patterns or lettering on your outfits.  Think simple.  And when thinking of simple; think of your basic go-to, staple pieces: blouses, elegant nursing dresses, kimonos, white shirts.  

New parents have enough to worry about.  Figuring out what to wear to your newborn photo session should not be one of them.  Here at Candice Swanson Photography, we make planning your session as easy as possible.  And if you find you are having trouble deciding what to wear; send me a message and I will be happy to give my input to help alleviate any unnecessary stress in choosing an outfit.  

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