My 3 Favorite Poses with Mom


Being a mother of two and a surrogate to a third; I know the bond between a mother and a child.  From the moment a woman finds out she is expecting a baby, something changes within her and she is forever changed.  The early days of motherhood are all encompassing and such a fleeting moment in time.  And before a mom can even blink, her children are grown.

Despite the fact that most women aren’t feeling their absolute best days after their child is born; I do try to take portraits of mom with her baby.  For I know that she will cherish these portraits years down the road when she looks back, trying to remember a time when her babe used to fit into the palm of her hand.

While many new moms are a little camera shy, these top 3 poses will make mom look and feel as beautiful as she is!

My Top 3 Poses with Mom

Pose Number One: Baby Against Mom’s Chest

I love to do this pose with both mom and dad.  Reason being, it is the one pose that truly showcases how small your baby is.  While your baby won’t look as tiny in your hand as compared to dad; it is the one time in your child’s life that you will be able to cradle them in your palm.

Similar to dad, I try to pick a wrap in a coordinating and complimenting color to what mom is wearing.  I will then have mom stand in front of a wall or backdrop facing the camera.  She will then place one hand, palm up, around the height of her belly button. Once she is in position, I will carefully place her wrapped little baby in her hand.  While carefully pulling away my hands, I will direct her on how to place her hands so her baby is safely situated in her care.

Once mom is safely holding her baby, I will have her slightly lower her head so her cheek is delicately touching her baby’s head.  This simple connection creates a photo that evokes so much emotion and love between the two; any mom will adore looking at these photos for years to come.

Pose Number Two: Mom and Baby on Flokati Blanket

Flokati blankets are an essential prop in newborn photography.  They offer a comfortable place to lay baby while also adding much needed texture to photos.  And I love using them when photographing mom with her new baby. 

A classic, elegant, artistic photo to capture is mom and baby laying on a Flokati blanket.  To achieve these gorgeous portraits, first, mom lays on the blanket.  Hair is styled to ensure it falls in a flattering way around her face.  Once mom is gorgeous, the baby is then placed on the blanket with the baby and mom’s head next to each other.  Generally mom’s eyes are closed which adds an ethereal, dramatic, whimsy feel to the photos; a look that any new parent will love.

Pose Number Three: Crisscross Pose

Another classic mom and newborn pose is the crisscross pose.  To put in simple terms, mom’s arms are crossed over her shoulders and her baby is safely placed into the little nook this position creates.  However; mom’s arms don’t have to be fully crossed over her shoulders because each baby is different.  How far you crisscross mom’s arms will be dependent on her baby.  Some babies are longer, shorter, thinner, chubbier, or more moveable than others.  Her arms will be crisscrossed as far as need be in order to safely hold her baby.

The newborn phase is such a short window in time.  Capturing a newborn with their mom is an essential part to any newborn package.  And here at Candice Swanson Photography, our photography packages ensure we encompass all important aspects of a newborn life which includes snapping a few Pinterest worthy pictures with mom.

If you are expecting a baby and live in the Orange County area, feel free to connect with Candice here to inquire about your newborn portraits.

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