3 Reasons Why I Love Canvas Prints


I mentioned in a previous post, that when you hire a professional photographer, you are hiring someone to deliver an exceptional experience.  This doesn’t just stop at that gorgeous online gallery they send you.  It includes the professional products that each photographer offers as part of their unique personalized experience.  I previously discussed why I love professional photo albums and the importance of ordering one through your photographer.  In today’s post, I am going to touch on why purchasing canvas prints from your photographer is something every client should consider.

Canvas’ Help Images Come Alive

Photos capture beautiful moments in time, however; a big challenge to photography is taking a two-dimensional product (i.e., your images) and making the images appear three-dimensional (i.e., life like).  To put in very simple terms, a photographer has to find a way to trick the viewer’s eye into seeing the print as they were in real time.

A simple yet elegant way to achieve this is by having your images printed on a gorgeous canvas.  Canvases are strong, coarse, unbleached cloths that are made up of many fine ridges.  These fine ridges give depth and dimension to your images; much in the same way that painting on a canvas will.  This is one of the best mediums to use if you are truly looking to bring your images alive because of the innate ability to create dimension on the product.

Colors Pop

Professional photographers only use the best print studios.  These print studios produce only the best products which means you can rest assured that your final product will have vibrant, beautiful colors.  When meeting with your photographer to discuss your product purchase, be sure to talk about where this piece is going to be displayed and the ultimate look you want for your artwork.  If your canvas will be in an area that receives a lot of light, perhaps your photographer will have a matte finish added to minimize the glare.  Or perhaps you’d like your canvas photo to appear more like an oil-painting which means your photographer will add a semi-gloss finish. Or you wish to have a piece with bold, bright colors in which a glossy finish will be added.  One thing is for sure, no matter what type of finish you decide, when you purchase from a professional, you will not be disappointed in the final product that will be displayed in your home for all to see!

Not a One-Size Fits All

Canvases come in a wide variety of sizes.  Depending on the print studio your photographer uses; some hand create their canvases so you truly can customize your canvas to fit your space.  As long as your photographer uses a top-notch print studio, even large size canvases will produce beautiful pieces of artwork that will bring your memories to life and add a touch of elegance and class to any room you choose to display them in.

When you purchase a beautiful canvas from Candice Swanson Photography, you can be sure you are receiving a professionally designed piece of artwork that will stand the test of time.

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