3 Reasons Why You Want Maternity Photos


Congratulations, on expecting your new bundle of joy!  Pregnancy is a time of change, preparation, and excitement!  And while you may be feeling a flood of emotions, one thing many women still are unsure about is having maternity portraits taken.  While I can relate to the reluctance of having these portraits done (mom of 2, surrogate to 1 here!); having these types of photos done is to document this special time in your life.  Most women will only be pregnant a handful of times in their lifetime, and each pregnancy is special, unique, and amazing.  And I can tell you, one day, when your babies are grown, you’ll want to look back during this time.  So, I’m here to share my top 3 reasons on why you should get these special portraits done!

Celebrate Your New Baby

As stated above, each pregnancy is special, unique, and amazing.  Each child that you grow inside of your body is special and unique.  Maternity photos are meant to celebrate this special time in your life.  A time to celebrate the life you are creating, to imagine what type of person this baby will grow up to be, and to celebrate the miraculous changes that your body is going through.  Your maternity photos are an intimate time between you and your unborn child; it’s a special moment to reflect on your journey thus far and the journey you two still have to travel.

Meaningful Family Photos

No matter if this is your first pregnancy or your third, maternity sessions are a great time to get the whole family involved.  Many moms-to-be aren’t feeling beautiful and are not keen on being the main subject of portraits.  If this is the case, bringing in your significant other and other children can help calm your fears about being in the spotlight.  By doing this you are creating meaningful family portraits.  It highlights your family as it is as well as how your family will be changing all in one portrait; an experience that can only be captured when you have maternity portraits done.

Empowering Mom

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through some amazing transformations!  Your body is literally creating a tiny human being!  Unfortunately; many women don’t feel beautiful during pregnancy, especially during the later months when maternity photos are taken so it can be easy to dismiss documenting this amazing experience.  And let’s be honest for a moment, there is immense pressure on women to always be beautiful and perfect and it’s no different during pregnancy.  However; moms-to-be are beautiful.  They are radiant.  They do have a special glow about them!  As a maternity photographer, it’s my goal to harness that beauty, to make mom feel as beautiful as she is. To give her confidence in her skin as it is and all that she is doing to create a family.

Silhouette of expecting mother in an open field.

If you are an expecting mom, live in the Orange County area, and would like Candice to capture your maternity portraits, please click here to get in touch!

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