Newborn Mentoring: An Important Investment


Newborn photography is unlike any other genre of photography.  As a newborn photographer you are responsible for the safety of the smallest humans while creating artistic photographs that showcase a baby as the delicate and angelic beings that they are.  Not a small feat.

With children and adults a photographer will tell them how to pose.  With landscape photography, Mother Nature depicts the beauty of the backdrop.  With still life photography, the only limits to the photo is the photographer’s own creativity.  With newborn photography, all of the above is encompassed and more!  Not only does the photographer have to safely pose, they need the perfect lighting and backdrops, be inspired creatively by their props, and have the fineness to be able to calm even the fussiest of subjects.  No one can learn all these aspects on their own which is why mentoring is such an important investment for a newborn photographer; whether you are a hobbyist or professional.

Newborn mentoring is perfect for that hobby photographer or that seasoned photographer who is looking to brush up on skills.  If you are looking for ways to improve your posing, lighting, camera angles, or editing; a 1:1 mentoring session from a seasoned pro should definitely be in your future!

Benefits to Working with a Professional Newborn Photographer

  1. While there are a prolifera of online classes and YouTube videos available for any photographer; online classes don’t offer the same experience as in-person and hands-on sessions.  Working 1:1 in person, with a professional, offers the mentee immediate, constructive feedback as well as encouragement!  When a seasoned professional is next to you, giving you in-the-moment feedback on the small changes you can make; the mentee’s learning experience increases 10-fold.  And not only is the real-time feedback huge but the mentee will also receive the photographs taken to add to their portfolio.  Win-win if you ask me!
  2. 1:1 in-person mentoring sessions offer the opportunity to ask questions and a lot of them!  The benefit of working with someone in a 1:1 session is that when questions arise or if a technique isn’t making sense, you have the opportunity to ask your mentor right then and there.  This helps create a feeling of confidence, knowing you are receiving accurate feedback or corrections versus trying to piece meal a solution via google. 

While all photographers and consumers tend to have a style they prefer; not all top rated photographers can convey concepts and techniques to students.  When looking for a mentor, find a professional who’s style is similar to yours and inquire about their teaching style.  Ask to see testimonials to see what others have said about working with this person.  Teaching material especially in the realm of newborns, is not an easy task and not every professional is cut out to do so. Take your time and do your research, you will be glad you did.

Here at Candice Swanson Photography, Candice is currently offering monthly, small group, female centered 2-day mentoring sessions.  Below is a simple outline of what will be taught during our time together:

  1. Hands-on assistance in perfecting your SOOC images so you can focus on improving your posing and transitions without ever waking the baby 
  2. My tips and tricks in getting a newborn to fall asleep and stay asleep within 10 minutes
  3. In-depth studio lighting tutorial specifically for newborn photography 
  4. My top 5 bean bag poses that every client wants complete with a step-by-step instruction guide for you to take home 
  5. Gorgeous photos for you to take home to add to your portfolio!

If you are located in the Orange County area and are interested in a mentoring session with Candice, please contact Candice Swanson Photography to see when her upcoming mentoring session will be held.  By working with Candice, you will learn the ins and outs of this specialized photography genre from a top rated newborn photographer with the opportunity for hands-on learning to implement what is being taught.  To learn more, please contact Candice here.

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