My Top Studio Maternity Session Tips


I love studio sessions.  Whether they be maternity or newborn, studio sessions allow me to create those show stopping, artistic, gorgeous portraits that you want hanging up on the walls around your home.  But what I love most about studio maternity sessions is how a powerful and strong an expecting mom looks.  There’s something about a studio that captures these two emotions so beautifully and can only be captured in the studio.

When to Schedule a Maternity Session

While each pregnancy is different, and each woman should listen to her own body in regards to her pregnancy, maternity photo sessions generally take place about eight weeks prior to your due date.  This point in time is ideal because mom is still feeling comfortable and the bump is still round and high.  Prior to month seven, many moms-to-be aren’t showing yet; and any later baby may be starting to make his or her way down which causes a more “heavy” feeling to mom and therefore; she may not be feeling her best.  And remember the point of maternity photos is to highlight this amazing journey therefore; you want to pick a point in time where you feel amazing!

What to Wear to a Maternity Session

Choosing your wardrobe for your maternity session is unique to you.   There really is no right or wrong way to go when deciding on what to wear as YOU have to feel confident and beautiful in the clothes chosen.  However, if you need some help in deciding what to wear; below I’ve offered some ideas:

Flowy vs. Fitted

Choosing outfits that make you feel empowered is essential to your maternity session. Many women during their pregnancy prefer to be more conservative in what they show off so if this is you, picking a soft, flowy dress may work best.  But if you are a woman who is proud of her pregnancy curves and want to show them off; choosing a more fitted, tight maternity dress may be the way to go!  Either way, there is no wrong choice!  Heck, maybe you want to try both; you never know how confident you might feel once you start gaining confidence in front of the camera!

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses tie into the more soft, flowy dress realm.  They are also a top pick for many moms-to-be during their maternity sessions.  Why?  Because maxi dresses tend to hug all the right areas while hiding the less desirable ones.  As a photographer, when a mom-to-be wears a maxi dress to a maternity session, the dress is able to highlight that adorable bump, while hiding areas that mom doesn’t want to focus on.

Color Scheme

I tend to recommend sticking to solid colors; whether it be neutral or bold.  A neutral/pastel color palette will create a simple, elegant portrait while clothing in bold colors will create a dramatic, artistic portrait.  Neither choice is wrong but think about what type of feel you want and pick colors and clothing to emulate that choice.

What to Expect When You Arrive at the Studio

When you arrive at the studio, I will have it set up with dramatic solid color backdrops and proper lighting that will capture the beauty and strength of your pregnancy.  While I love when partners and other children join the session; my goal is to create an atmosphere and space where mom is as comfortable as possible as she truly is the star of the session. The type of photos taken is left up to my client, as I only capture poses and styles that you are comfortable with.  When mom feels empowered, sexy, and beautiful in the poses, those feelings are expressed ten-fold in the final product.

Ready to document this momentous journey in your life?  Click here to book your maternity session so I can capture beautiful, artistic, photos of you during this special time that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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