How to Honor Your Rainbow Baby at Your Newborn Photography Session


How a couple chooses to celebrate a new pregnancy after the loss of their baby looks different for everyone.  As a mom to a rainbow baby herself, I’m here to let you know that how you choose to honor your baby in heaven, is unique and perfect to you.

Losing a child to miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death, is a type of grief that is unimaginable unless you’ve been through it.  As a maternity and newborn photographer; I’ve had the privilege of working with families who have experienced this type of loss and I’m here to say that out of the dark, a new beautiful pregnancy can bring great healing.  It’s also a wonderful time to remember the baby that was taken all too soon from this world.

How to Plan for Your Rainbow Baby Session

There are a few ways you can honor your rainbow baby.  This can be done with your maternity portraits or your newborn portraits.  Or even both.  How you choose to celebrate the loss and life is unique to you. 

One thing to prepare for is you cannot predict emotions.  While some sessions are full of joy, others can be times of quiet reflecting.  How you react is personal to you, and no matter the emotions you feel, all are normal and okay!  A parent’s love is deep and true, and whether your child is here on earth or up in heaven, your love will never fade and the emotions felt during this truly special session all come from a place of love that a parent has for all their babies.

Feelings of Guilt

Many parents express a feeling of guilt for celebrating their new baby.  The way we heal and move on is by looking forward and celebrating the good that has come from a not-so-good situation.  Being happy and celebrating this new child is a positive feeling and needed in order to help heal the wounds of loss.  Many parents who have experienced the loss of a child will have tears of happiness and tears of sorrow in their rainbow baby session; and all emotions are welcomed and encouraged.

Find a Creative Way to Honor Your Angel Baby

While your rainbow baby portrait session is a time to celebrate the new life that will be or has already graced this earth; some mommas choose to take a few pictures honoring their special angel baby.  Below are a few ways you can honor your baby in heaven:

Wear special jewelry to represent both children

Some mom’s will find a special piece of jewelry that will honor all her children.  For example, if you have a special necklace that has the birthstones of your children, you may possibly wear it around your neck if you are having a rainbow baby maternity session.  Be sure to mention this special piece so I can be sure to highlight the necklace on you in a few photos.  Or if you’re waiting to celebrate with newborn portraits, I can take that same necklace and find beautiful ways to incorporate it into your newborn portraits.

Special stuffed animal or memento

One of the first things I feel that parents buy when they know they are expecting is a special stuffed animal for their baby or a special blanket.  If you’d like to honor your angel baby with this special animal or memento, it  can be easily included in the portraits.  For maternity photos, you and your partner can hold the memento and the focus will be on the item.  If you want to bring this item to your newborn session, I can creatively find ways to have the baby hold onto the item of their older sibling.

Special sign

A simple yet creative and easy way to bring your angel baby in your rainbow session is with a letterboard.  A letterboard offers an attractive and easy way to represent your baby in heaven.  A simple but sweet message could be, “Handpicked for Earth by my brother/sister up in heaven.” It’s an easy, elegant way to remember your older child.

Rainbow wraps or props

If you choose to have a rainbow baby newborn portrait session; I can wrap your baby up in rainbow wraps or create a rainbow appearance with wraps in the colors of the rainbow.  Another simple but adorable prop is a felt rainbow perfectly placed by your baby to honor your child up in heaven. Studio is in Orange County California.

Remember, how you choose to honor your child during your rainbow session is entirely up to you.  Whether you want to bring in a special memento or honor with moments of silence, there is no right or wrong way.  And the emotions you feel on this day, whether joyous or slightly subdued, are entirely normal.  This is your journey and how you want to celebrate this new life is entirely up to you.  Know that here at Candice Swanson Photography, I will do everything I can to make this a memorable and healing experience for you.  If you are located in the Orange County area and would like me to shoot your rainbow maternity or newborn session, please contact me here.

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